Since we launched Tailored-Wood officially a couple of years ago, we’ve gotten pretty good interest. I’m still finding that with so many options out there, it’s hard to communicate the incredible advantages we have over the competition. The fact that we best-deck-materialsdon’t spend tens of thousands of dollars for marketing (investing it instead back into the product) holds us back, I might admit.

But when a homeowner or contractor does find us and understands the high-quality custom decking products we offer, they sell themselves pretty quickly. With being able to deliver to the door/site, we have a good distribution operation. Once built, the homeowner is very happy, and the contractor get rest assured that the material is going to have far fewer problems than the stuff built by the most popular manufacturers (I’ll without sharing that information 🙂 ).

When you’re serious about putting the most attractive, functional deck together, let us know. In addition to the materials, we offer support that you just can’t find by the top retailers. This includes full take-off plans. We look forward to hearing from you!