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A Case for Wood: 5 Myths about Decking

I’ve had an opportunity to build decks with every imaginable material to date. Wood was the standard for decades. Then along came fabricated material, such as composite. It was supposed to reinvent decking as we knew it. True, it did have its benefits. But when  …read more »

Deck Warping – Issue and Solution

Actually, for this post, along with deck warping, I’m going to throw in twisting, cracking, checking, and splintering. The reason why deck wood may do these things can all be grouped into one explanation: there’s a gain or loss of moisture content (water) too quickly.  …read more »

Deck Peeling – Issue and Solution

Deck peeling is another problem associated with wood decks. When I think of deck peeling, I think in terms of either the stain peeling off the surface, or the surface is flaking (I guess ‘deck flaking’ then is another issue, but I’ve grouped it here  …read more »

8 Problems with Using Wood for Deck Building

Let me first say that I believe that decks should always be built with wood…in spite of the title of this blog post or what you may have heard from friends out there. When using the right wood, associated materials and installation process, nothing beats a  …read more »

Deck Cupping – Issue and Solution

Deck cupping, as in the picture from another deck company below, is when the topside of the deck board curls or arches. This has to do with the board’s reaction to moisture and the heat of the sun. In the case of cupping, the moisture content  …read more »

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