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How to Build a Deck – Ordering and Receiving the Deck Wood

Before the first nail goes in, you have to order the deck building materials. Using the approved deck design, contact the manufacturer and describe the project. As mentioned earlier, we at Tailored-Wood offer free help with the design. But further, Tailored-Wood will provide you with  …read more »

How to Build a Deck – Paperwork and Legal

Once there is an agreement by the homeowner and the contractor on the deck design, the contractor creates a contract. At that time, the homeowner needs to sign off on it. I will tell you that the contract (for protection of both the homeowner and  …read more »

How to Build a Deck – Design

This blog series is going to focus on installing a deck properly. It will be focused on the deck builder, whether that is a deck contractor or homeowner. After the determination that there will be a deck built, design is the first step. I recommend  …read more »

Deck Maintenance – Sealing

All the detailed work that goes into producing Tailored-Wood is designed to retain its beauty and last a long time. This is enhanced by sealing the wood…and this is true for any deck wood. Regardless of the wood, we recommend that you seal the deck  …read more »

Deck Installation – Organization Wins

Organization is the key to a top deck project. In terms of organizing the material, I recommend a couple of things to the deck contractor. And before I go on, let me say that Tailored-Wood is prepared for you already, so it’s just a matter  …read more »

Deck Wood – Wet Wood

If you’re familiar with types of building wood, then you know that wetwood is a water-soaked condition of wood in the trunk of trees. Fortunately, wood in this condition (which is actually caused by an infection and is very prevalent), can be used nicely in  …read more »

Porch Flooring Installation

There are a couple of things we do for porch flooring that we don’t do for deck flooring. Again, the design of our porch flooring (milled profile on top and bottom sides and shiplap design) eliminates cupping and the need for screening underneath. So where  …read more »

Moisture Content for Contractors and Installers

This blog post is really for the deck contractors and installers out there. Knowing the moisture content in the deck product and installing it correctly is the difference between a bad deck and a superb deck. As an educational primer, the four methods drying methods  …read more »

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