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Experiences as a Consultant for a Top Deck Wood Manufacturer

One really great experience I’ve had over the last 5 years was being invited to consult and share my experiences to what many consider to be the #1 deck board manufacturer in the world (would prefer not to share the name). Because of the relationships I’ve  …read more »

Areas of Distribution

Tailored-Wood has limited national distribution at this time. What does that mean? Well, for those needing decking materials that are further than the 200 mile radius around our headquarters (Atlanta/Athens Georgia), we may be able to accomodate based upon our distribution relationships. It’s really on  …read more »

Decking Industry and the Beginning of Tailored-Wood

Decking is alive and strong! A recent report says that the demand for decking will rise 2.4 percent annually through 2018 to 3.5 billion lineal feet (valued at $6.5 billion). Sure, there’s been a correction in decking as with many industries, but homeowners still want their  …read more »

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