atlanta-deck-lumberOne really great experience I’ve had over the last 5 years was being invited to consult and share my experiences to what many consider to be the #1 deck board manufacturer in the world (would prefer not to share the name). Because of the relationships I’ve developed with homeowners and contractors, they value (and have paid for) my ideas on design, manufacturing, and marketing. I’ve appreciated this as at the core as I’ve always been interested in increasing the quality and value for the homeowner.

What kind of surprises me though is that with a corporation like theirs, marketing seems to “wag the dog”…while manufacturing and customer service take a secondary role. They’re fine with putting out what I consider to be a mediocre product, as long as sales is optimized. So they really start with a marketing budget to determine the maximim number of units/boards they can sell and revenue they can bring in for the year. I guess this kind of business operation is similar for any larger corporation. I can’t blame them for maximizing their return, but this is also what makes dealing with a smaller business better.

For instance, Tailored-Wood is manufactured with a homeowner in mind. Our marketing budget, while still important, comes behind quality and distribution in our business model. What’s really interesting is that if you asked any of the contacts at the corporation I work with, they’d agree that our decking wood and materials is superior to theirs! Such is the market and the greater need for the buyer to do their homework. We hope that you take a look at our products when building your deck or porch.


Tailored-Wood is a Atlanta, GA deck wood manufacturer and distributor. Take a look at our products and order ahead!