deck building code state city codesIf you’re ready to build a deck, then I must remind you to check your local building codes before starting! Of course you need a building permit anyway, but local building codes help make sure that you’re building it correctly. A deck building code book (most states have them) generally provides great guidelines as you’re putting it together. They’re generally updated every few years and follow the guidelines the local office uses in granting the permit as well as what inspector’s use when checking actual projects (although keep in mind that some local offices can be more strict in interpreting a state code guide than others).

On our Training page, we offer the “Prescriptive Deck Details” for the State of Georgia. They are Georgia Amendments based on the 2012 International Residential Code. I find that it is a great guideline and resource for deck builders and helps us to build our structures are up to code. Again, you should still check with your local office for a guideline, particularly if you’re in another state. I hope this helps!