deck pricing book porchI interact with deck contractors from time to time who don’t have an organized process for pricing out projects. Because it’s easy to forget about all the “little” things, it’s difficult to give a good pricing point that will be competitive and at the same time yield a profit for the business.

Our pricing tool does just that. It’s an Excel tool that we’ve developed over many years and from which my business has benefited greatly. When I’ve shared it over the years with fellow deck builders, and they’ve taken a look and understood it, it’s like you saw a light going on for them. In a few  cases, they’ve told me that it’s helped their business run more smoothly and with greater organization. I think what it does more than anything else is that it provides extra confidence when starting projects because all the costs have been accounted for…there’s no room for uncertainty and whether they’re even going to make money at the end of the day.

The main worksheet is for ‘decks and porches’. There’s a detailed pricing breakdown for everything from concrete pads and slabs to drywall cutting and patching to deck wood to porch wood to lighting installation to clean and treat and on. It’s all laid out…you just choose what’s applicable for a project. (We also have another worksheet just for clean and treat.) A lot of the organization is already built in, but you can add things as it fits your geographic location and unique cost structure. After filling everything in, the worksheet provides a bottom-line price. Then you can adjust as necessary and use that in your proposal. Much better than blue-skying things!

The pricing tool(s) is located on our Training page. Let us know if you’re interested in getting a copy. We look forward to working with you!