deck contractor paperworkI’m fortunate in that I come into contact with a lot of fellow deck contractors. I’ve found that there is a lot of building talent out there! I’ve seen deck contracting businesses come and go…not because they weren’t building beautiful decks (they were), but because they weren’t managing their business right.

I’ve found that the shaking of hands, designing, and building is half of the formula. The other half are those business things that many owners avoid a lot of the times. When I say business things, I mean the accounting, marketing, and contracting side…all paperwork activities. I’ve also found that once a contractor gets those important docs into the business and are using them, then communication (and the business) runs infinitely better. Another good example is project checklist paperwork. This is used when communicating with the homeowner early on. It maps out their situation and puts everyone on “the same page”. We use this paperwork all the time as it minimizes disagreements (where handshakes don’t).

We have provided examples of project checklists free for you here on our training page…for Decks/Porches as well as for Clean and Treats. The Admin Documents are near the bottom. And let us know how we can help.