deck contract

Contract ready for signature. Ballpoint pen on contract. Focus on the end of ballpoint pen. Shallow depth of field. Close-up.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been building decks for a long time, I can’t express how important a good deck contract is. What I’m referring to is the written agreement between the deck builder and the homeowner. This document should contain every reasonable detail of what the project is and how it will progress. It is as critical a part of the project are as the nails that hold up the deck. And it protects both the builder and the homeowner. So presented correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem..

We offer a contract that deck builders can use on any of their projects. It can be found on our training page. We’re proud of this contract in that it has been developed over many years to include any kind of scenario (many of which you may not have thought about but can pop up at any time). It has also been approved by a lawyer who works in this area. Feel free to use it. This is one of many deck builder training documents on our training page. If you have any questions, let us know.