deck project appointmentIt’s a great thing when making the first contact with a homeowner for a possible project (for both the homeowner and the contractor). Typically a homeowner has found you somewhere…or perhaps through your marketing efforts. After talking on the phone and setting an appointment to meet, we believe it’s important to confirm the appointment. That way, the homeowner can add to their schedule and everyone’s on the same page.

We’ve put together an appointment outline that summarizes and confirms the appointment. Sent via email (or even through snail mail if there’s enough time), we think it’s a good tool. We’ve included one for our deck contractor friends on our training page. We hope that the tool will strengthen your relationships as it hows ours.

Tailored-Wood provides high-quality, custom-profiled atlanta deck lumber as well as Southeast areas and the Greater US. We look forward to working with you on your next project…whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor!