Decking is alive and strong! A recent report says that the demand for decking will rise 2.4 percent annually through 2018 to 3.5 billion lineal feet (valued at $6.5 billion). Sure, there’s been a correction in decking as with many industries, but homeowners still want their outdoor space. That’s a good thing.

decking industryOur entry into offering decking materials was never about the money. It was always (and continues to be) about offering the best. My frustration lasted 15+ years in using every industry offering out there…thermally modified wood, exotic hardwoods, composites, and so on. We did as good a job
of installing and maintaining the decks afterward, but I got to see first-hand the performance of all the materials at installation and later on.

To minimize the problems (aesthetic and functional) with the many types of decks we built, I made suggestions to the manufacturers. I didn’t badger them, and there really weren’t that many. But they were simple adjustments that would have improved their offerings. They would have helped the homeowners and they would have helped the contractors. And the suggestions fell on deaf ears. Today, most if not all of my relatively simple suggestions have not been enacted. Why you may ask? Well, as with many industries out there, the bottom line is money. It may have cost the manufacturer too much money to change and…why bother?

So, along the way, I started to build my own line of decking products. My intent was to build bottom up using the best products and the best process. And what has developed from that commitment is Tailored-Wood. Every inch, groove, and piece of Tailored-Wood is built with a purpose in mind. Thankfully, it’s recently been awarded as the best wood by our industry association, NADRA. At last, I’m very proud of the recognition. I’ll be even happier when I can make it a part of your deck.