If you’re a deck builder/contractor (or even a homeowner that builds decks), then you live in a world today that offers a lot of wonderful decking information. There are some deck builders who really don’t stay current with things, and I think that’s a mistake. Granted, it’s really impossible to read everything out there online (like drinking from a firehouse), but if you set up a few things on your computer (automated emails, etc), you’ll start to receive good information and get up to speed pretty quickly. Even better is to participate in conversations, ask the questions you’ve been meaning to ask, etc.

I think a great source of information and virtual meeting place is NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association) at nadra.org. There are many benefits to joining, but even if you haven’t decided to take that step, you can subscribe to their emails, which have current news, etc. Deck Builder Magazine (www.deckmagazine.com/news/) is another source…although keep in mind that they are advertiser-heavy. For those who really want to filter out a lot of advertising, you can set up a Twitter account and start following decking accounts. Then of course there’s YouTube that has some pretty good how-to videos, etc. Finally, we have a lot of free tools for helping any deck contracting business get up to speed. So if you’ve been waiting on diving into online information, jump on in, the water’s fine!