Unlike other fasteners on the market, our deck screws are engineered expressly for building decks. These copper coated screws are manufactured to withstand all kinds of weather over an extended period of time (except near salt water where stainless steel screws are recommended). With their holding strength you never have to worry about your deck boards or screws coming up. Finally, they’re designed as attractive elements to a high-quality deck…complementary to the wood as well as with the wide range of wood stains.

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Deck screws fasteners 1Deck screws 2Wood deck screws 3

The head of our screws are flat and designed with small cutter knives under the head of the screw. These knives are designed to countersink the head of the screw into the wood without any splitting or splintering of the decking board.

We have both loose and collated screws available. The loose screws come 1,750 per carton (we can also offer them by the screw if you provide a rounded number). Our collated screws are designed for Pam stand-up screw guns and come 1,000 collated screws per box. Note that no pre-drilling or countersinking is necessary with our deck screws.  

Dimensions: 2 3/4 inch copper coated, #8 diameter

*Note- We recommend that for our porch flooring, you use 2 1/2″ staples (in addition to wood adhesive) to secure the boards. Staples (instead of screws) will provide a better hidden fastener appearance.

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