flatbed-truckWe like to think we’re the easiest in getting quality decking materials out to you…whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner. Once you have a general idea of what you need for your project, simply fill out our online form or give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with delivering a solid take-off supply list. We then gather the supply, put it on a truck, then deliver Tailored-Wood products right to your project work site. From the time you order to delivery (no matter what you order) takes about 1-2 weeks. Our quality-control process makes certain that you receive what you ordered.

We will unload the materials to an area of the property that you so designate. Then we make suggestions on maintaining the supplies until used. If parts have been unordered (short), then we gather that part and deliver it as quickly as we can. Of course, the better the planning, the less frequent this will occur (but sometimes happens anyway).

We ask that you pay for all supplies when delivered. For larger commercial orders, the terms are net 30.

Constructing outdoor spaces with Tailored-Wood is pretty intuitive and most people just refer to the site. However, when you have questions, we encourage you to call in. We want you using Tailored-Wood going forward on all of your projects!