Over the past 20 years, we at Tailor Decks have had the opportunity to build hundreds of decks and screened porches. During that time, we’ve used all the industry-endorsed building materials including cedar, redwood, pine, exotic hardwoods, composites and PVC’s.

Like most deck builders, we experienced a long array of issues with the generally accepted building products including: cupping, discoloration, extreme temperatures, rotting, scratching, separation, splintering, slipperiness, instability, staining, twisting, and warping. In trying to stave off these issues, we sought out building materials on the market that didn’t come with these associated problems, but had a hard time finding one. We finally decided to create the materials ourselves…with both homeowners and contractors in mind. Tailored-Wood™ is that finished product and here is our process-

1. Wood Selection: Of all the available wood, we choose High-Grade Southern Yellow Pine for its attractiveness, durability, and relatively low cost. Southern Yellow Pine performs well in all climates.

Wood deck lumber

2. Cut: All of our lumber is cut from the finest logs using high-end sawmills. (Our Ultimate Decking Board is the rarest of the rare known for its unrivaled beauty, strength and stability. For this board, only large diameter logs that are free of any decay in the center are chosen. These logs are sawn in quarters in the mill. Then each quarter log is sawn from the inside-out, alternating faces of the quarter log giving us our vertical grain pattern. This is different then what other manufactures deliver. See video explaining the quartersawing process.)

Deck wood sawmill

3. Treatment: We then have Wolmanized™ TM Chemicals pressurized into the boards. Wolmanized™ is the leading wood treatment preservative on the market. The particular treatment content we choose is higher than industry standards and allows for ground contact.

Wood deck treatment

4. Kiln drying: After treatment, the wood is dried for a minimum of three days at 140 degrees. We choose a longer and cooler drying cycle than industry standard (240 degrees for 8 hours), as this is a friendlier process for the lumber (enhances aesthetic and durability qualities). This step also allows for immediate sealing/staining after installation.

Deck wood kiln drying

5. Crown: After kiln drying, both our plain-sawn and quarter-sawn lumber is then milled so that the top surface has a small 1/16 inch crown. The purpose of this crown is to shed water and prevent cupping…ideal for outdoor living space material.

Deck wood crown

6. Relief cuts: After crowning, we mill two recess cuts into the bottom surface of each board. These “relief cuts” allow the board to expand and contract as temperatures change and help to reduce checking and cupping (image below shows the board turned upside-down).

Deck wood milling

7. Design cuts: The wood is then milled based upon its use as a deck flooring board, porch flooring board, rail cap or railing post (a more detailed explanation of each is provided in products section). For deck wood, we add a slight bevel, or inward slant, to both sides making the bottom surface slightly narrower than the top. For porch wood flooring, using a flat sawn board, we add relief cuts to provide a shiplap design. We selected the shiplap design to prevent bugs from coming up through the gaps which occur with standard deck wood.

Deck wood design cuts

Our entire manufacturing process takes about 4-6 weeks, but this is to get our product into inventory (behind the scenes). Once you place an order, it takes about 1-3 days to get it to you depending upon your location. We utilize a quality-control process throughout, making sure that you receive what you’ve ordered. Note that if there are any follow-up orders, it will take approximately the same amount of time (so it’s important to order conservatively…we can help you with take-off).

Contact us at 770-725-4646 (main), 404-936-2937 (cell) for pricing, ordering or discussing your needs.