Deck drain water diversion draining system porchHaving a second story (or even third story) deck means that whatever’s on the level below is open to water runoff. Most of our customers want to use this space underneath, so a drain system of some kind is in order. We’ve tried several over the years before finding the DEK Drain™ system.

DEK Drain™ is an excellent building product engineered to capture and divert rainwater keeping the area under it dry. We’ll be happy to tell you all about the many benefits along with how it fits within the Tailored-Wood™ installation process. Just let us know. You can learn more about (an order) the system through DEK Drain’s website here – Deck Waterproofing

Contact us at 770-725-4646 (main), 404-936-2937 (cell) for pricing, ordering or discussing your needs.