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We’ve designed our wood porch flooring for a slightly different environment…an area that is covered and shielded from the open elements and allows for a more intimate setting-

  • Flatsawn wood
  • Custom designed and manufactured for porch use
  • Clear (99% knot-free) and free of sticker marks and imperfections

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For an exterior porch flooring application, we prefer a shiplap design over a tongue and groove design (tongue and groove has a tendency to cup and is difficult to install and set tightly). In addition to installing easily, the shiplap design eliminates the need for screening between the floor joist and the porch board. The design prevents debris forming between boards and piling up on an undercover screen, which is almost impossible to clean. Our porch flooring gives an overall natural feeling that’s easy to maintain and complements our exterior decking material perfectly.

Our porch board is milled with a 1/16” crown designed to prevent cupping and stabilize the flooring long term. The top surface is 5” wide and manufactured with 9 small grooves designed to conceal the 2 1/2” staples which secure the porch flooring to the floor joist. The 9 grooves also add a nice textured clean look to the surface while providing a comfortable feeling to your feet. The bottom surface has 1 1/8” and 2-1/16” step ups which prevent the board from cupping as well as allow the wood adhesive to securely bond the porch flooring to the porch structure.

Dimensions: 1 7/16″ x 5″ and available in the following lengths – 16′ and 20′ (8′, 10′, 12′, 14′ lengths can be ordered upon request)

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